Up the Gatineau! Selected Articles

The following are selected articles from the almost 300 published to date in Up the Gatineau! They appear here with permission of the authors.

A Bridge A-Building by Ernie Mahoney
A Century of the Gatineau Fish and Game Club by Archie Pennie and Carol Martin
A Bridge for our Times - Rebuilding the Wakefield Covered Bridge by Neil Faulkner
A Decade in the Woods: Rosemary Gilliat Eaton’s Winter Cabin in Gatineau Park by Danielle Siemens
A History of Dying in the Gatineau Valley by Hannen Sabean
A Lake with Two Names: The Harrington Lake (Lac Mousseau) Toponymy Controversy by Michael Lait
About This Year's Editor: P.M.O. Evans, A Biography by Josh Dolgin
Beamish Hill and Beyond by Allan Richens
Chelsea's Wartime Wireless Transmission Station by Carol Martin
Early Aerial Photography of the Gatineau River Valley by Duncan Marshall
Early Kirks Ferry, Quebec by Patrick M.O. Evans
Following Florence by W. C. (Bill) Allen
Gaels of the Gatineau Valley by Danny Doyle
How Philemon Wright High School Teachers and Students Met the Challenge of 1968 by Bob McClelland
Larrimac Golf Club – a Gatineau Gem by A. de L. Panet
Mackenzie King's First Visit to Kingsmere by George F. Henderson
Memories of Meech Lake Summers by Margaret Coleman
Pat Evans: A Tribute by Ernie Mahoney
Pat Evans, Neighbour and Friend by Bill Pawley
Philemon Wright (1760-1839) by Bruce S. Elliott
Philemon Wright Memorial by Patrick M.O. Evans
Pine to Pulp: The Timber Trade on the Gatineau River by Helen E. Parson
Poltimore: A View from the Outside by Janet McDiarmid7
Remembering the Life of Patrick M.O. Evans by Bob Phillips
Rosemary Gilliat Eaton: A Biographical Sketch by Danielle Siemens
Seventy-five Years Young: The Larrimac Golf Club Ages Gracefully by Ann Schwartz
Stanislas Franchot and his Buckingham Mines by Donald D. Hogarth
Stations of the Gatineau Valley Railway by Bruce Ballantyne
Summer Bridges: Early Ferries on the Gatineau by Joanne MacDonald
Summer Hotels of the Gatineau by Ernie Mahoney
The Chelsea Cenotaph Story by Allan Richens
The Early Years of the Gatineau River Yacht Club by Allan Richen
The Martin Letters of Tucker Lake: Disease, Drought and Other Hardships by Don Kealey
The Stone Church of St. Stephen by Karen J. Watson
Three Centuries of the Fur Trade, Passing by the Gatineau Region by Carol Martin
Toponymy by Patrick M.O. Evans
When the Axe was King by Archie M. Pennie
You Never Told Who Your Bootlegger Was by Ernie Mahoney