Local Resources

The GVHS promotes access to a broad variety of resources of local historical interest related to the Gatineau Valley.

Gatineau Park
A variety of documents related to the history of the Gatineau Park, especially the early days of skiing and the Ottawa Ski Club.

Gatineau River
Publications and documents, including images, related to the past and present of the Gatineau River.

Gatineau Railway
A series of documents and publications on the history of the Gatineau Railway from Hull to Maniwaki and its stations with images along the way.

Low Down Columns and Articles
Stories on diverse topics of local historical interest, originally published in the weekly newspaper The Low Down to Hull and Back News serving the Chelsea and La Pêche communities.

Cantley 1889 Articles in the Echo of Cantley
A monthly research column written by members of Cantley 1889, a volunteer organization established in 2010, to discover, protect and promote the heritage of Cantley.

Special Exhibits
Special online exhibits developed for outreach.

Presentations developed and presented for the GVHS talks, developed by the presenters.