Volume 46


Up the Gatineau!

Volume 46, 2020

Cover Image: Loggers at work, 1949. Credit: Malak Karsh. Source: Library and Archives Canada/Malak Karsh fonds/e011154195.

Table of Contents

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1. "Gatineau": Paddling through the History of a River’s Name
« Gatineau » : Pagayer à travers la toponymie d'une rivière
Rick Henderson 1
2. Samuel Bingham, “King of the Cascades” Pauline Masson and Karen Bingham 11
3. Men in the Woods Courtney C. J. Bond 19
4. A Loggers’ Lament with introduction by Paull Leamen 24
5. Capturing Images of 1940s Shanty Life with Malak with introductory notes from Sidney Karsh 28
6. Speak Memory, of Madam Brian Doyle 41
7. Del Trudeau’s Matchbook Collection: A History and a Story Susan Trudeau 49
8. Baseball Heroes at the Cascades Club Adrienne Herron and RJ Hughes 59
9. Artist Kenneth Lochhead’s Gatineau Inspiration Joanne Lochhead with introduction by Paul Gessell 67
10. Douglas Lochhead Painted with Words with introduction by Paull Leamen and notes from Sara and Mary Lochhead 84
11.You Can’t Say “No” to NormaMary Lou van Schaik89

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