Volume 45


Up the Gatineau!

Volume 45, 2019

Cover Image: On the Gatineau, a painting in pastel by Alfred Worsley Holdstock, circa 1850. The landscape is believed to be near the former Paugan Falls (now the Paugan dam) in Low. For more on A. W. Holdstock, see "Backgrounder to the Volume Cover" inside this volume. From the private collection of Jon S. Dellandrea.

Table of Contents

  Article Author Page
1. Gaels of the Gatineau Valley Danny Doyle 1
2. “Ye” Brian Doyle 13
3. The Martin Letters of Tucker Lake: Disease, Drought and Other Hardships Don Kealey 17
4. Martindale’s Roman Catholic Church and Cemeteries Don Kealey 28
5. A History of Dying in the Gatineau Valley Hannen Sabean 40
6. Gatineau River centuries Mary Trafford, with foreword by Paull Leamen 49
7. Reflections of the Gatineau Valley: Through a Photographer’s Lens From the Pat Evans Archives of the Gatineau Valley Historical Society 52
8. The Choir That Fills the Hills With Music ... and Cheese Wayne Anderson 69
9. Chelsea’s Mystery Poet Frances Curry 84
10.Harky and His GarageJames Milks90

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