Up the Gatineau!

covers - Up the Gatineau!
Credit: Adrienne Herron

Up the Gatineau! is the annual history journal of the GVHS. It has been published every spring since 1974, and copies of any volume are available for purchase from the Society. See order copies.

Read about the journal’s history or details about the current volume. Each new volume is distributed free to GVHS members.

Up the Gatineau! Online Resources for Researchers

  • List of volumes
    List of all Up the Gatineau! volumes with the covers.
  • Selected articles
    All articles from Volumes 1 to 20 and additional selected articles from other volumes.
  • Subject index
    Comprehensive index of terms from all the Volumes.
  • Author index
    List of authors, with their list of articles, who have contributed articles.

Journal Recognition

  • Arthur Davison Prize
    List of Winners of the Arthur Davison Prize for outstanding contribution to Up the Gatineau!.
  • Carol Martin Award
    List of winners for a significant cumulative contribution to Up the Gatineau! over a sustained period.