Volume 41 - Up the Gatineau!

Up the Gatineau!

Volume 41, 2015

Table of Contents

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1. E. Champagne: The life and times of Cantley’s tugboat Margaret Phillips
2. The Lost Farm of Pleasant Valley Louise Schwartz
3. The Milks Diaries Introduction by Reta Milks
4. Uncle Jack’s Electrical Powerhouse on Blackburn Creek Hubert McClelland
5. The William Connor Estate in Cantley Mary Holmes
6. A Reminiscence of Billy Connor and his Cantley “Castle” James Brown
7. Cantley’s Iron Mine: A Moving Exploration Wes Darou
8. Malak Karsh in the Gatineau Hills: From tugboats to tulips Joanne MacDonald and Paul Gessell
9. The Sculpted Rocks of Cantley David Sharpe
10. Farmers’ Notebook: McClelland Farm 1840 Sue and Bob McClelland

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