Up the Gatineau! Selected Articles

On Antiques

Volume 13, page 26

Lillian Walton - Written February 1969

What a difference a few years make
I ponder as we sit alone.
Our young folks are parents now,
With homes of their very own.

Their weddings so elaborate,
The new home outfitted
With, Oh! such expensive things,
Not an item was omitted.

We dared not offer some old chest,
Or grandmother’s rocking chair,
For fear it would be out of place,
Among what they chose with care.

But now the picture changes,
They are searching high and low,
For anything that's really old,
Antiques keep them on the go!

An old chair from a wood-pile,
Our son is sanding down,
Restoring it to days of yore.
This type just can't be found!

Our daughter-in-law found ruby glass
in a Gatineau cottage on the hill,
And an old cupboard is hers to keep,
They will remain in the family still.

How glad I am to see these things
Come back into use once more.
Our heritage from days gone by,
With memories we've had to store.

I think old friends are treasures too.
The new are fun and gay!
But, how wonderful it is to meet,
Our friends of yesterday!

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