Historical Maps of Gatineau Park

The Historical Maps of Gatineau Park is a collection of over 450 digital maps and documents collected by long-time Society member and local researcher, Mr. Bill McGee of Ottawa, ON. An avid hiker for almost 25 years, Bill has explored and researched the Gatineau Park area, its settlement history, and its current and former trails and roads. The maps primarily document the evolution of the recreational trail network within Gatineau Park since it was created in 1938, and include published maps and some manuscript records.

In 2019, the GVHS obtained digital copies of the documents held by Bill McGee, with permission to use the images on its website for educational, private study, or research purposes. (see Terms of use)

Trail Maps (1912-1960)
Trail Maps (1960-1990)
Trail Maps (1990-2019)
Federal and Provincial Topographic Series Maps (1922-1983)
Miscellaneous Maps
1:2 500 Topographic Maps of Gatineau Park. (Grid Map)

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