Wright Papers

The Wright papers are a collection of over 600 documents held by David F. Wright of Chelsea, Quebec (see note below). They are concerned primarily with the business affairs of Philemon Wright (1760-1839) and his son Ruggles Wright (1793-1863) and include land transfers, court documents, collections letters, ledgers, wills, family correspondence, etc. in their original, handwritten format.

The documents, some containing multiple items, were catalogued by Pat Evans in 1994-1996. The catalogue consists of a detailed description of each document. It was done in hand writing and split into Catalogue A and B and includes a genealogical supplement. Pat Evans also compiled the list of names from Wright's business affairs used as the main index.

The digitization of these documents and catalogues were done in 2015-2016. See The Wright Papers Digitizing Project for additional information on the documents including naming conventions and special cases.

The 100 pages of catalogue and 50 pages of indexes (names) were transcribed in 2017 and posted here as searchable text. The names in the Index link to the related catalogue items which has a link to the scanned document. Note that the documents are viewed in pdf format with file sizes of 2-4MB (some much larger).

Searchable content

The following are the searchable text transcribed from the catalogues and indexes written by Pat Evans.

Index of Names – select or search for names in the main index
Catalogue A and Catalogue B – view and search descriptions of the documents
Genealogical supplement
Related Content

Catalogues and indexes

The following are the handwritten catalogues and Indexes written by Pat Evans scanned in pdf format.

Catalogue A, pages 1 - 24 49K
Catalogue A, pages 25 - 36 25K
Catalogue A, pages 37 - 57 42K
Catalogue A, pages 58 - 443 (end) and Genealogical catalogue 44K
Catalogue A index 63K
Catalogue B (page 39 is repeated) 140K
Catalogue B index 217K

Note. In 2016, The GVHS obtained a License Agreement from David Wright to make digital copies of the original documents in his possession and to use the digital copies on its website. All rights, title and interest in the material, including without limitations, any copyright, remain with the donor, David F. Wright.