Local Club Archives

The Gatineau Valley has been the home of many local clubs and organizations over the years. Many of these organizations have made significant contributions to the local community through their activities and its membership. The information and records collected by these clubs contain historical information of value and the Gatineau Valley Historical Society has embarked on a project to publish the archives of these clubs and organizations on our website.

The GVHS is looking for archival information such as newsletters, minutes, lists of directors and board members, articles (stories) about the club, pictures, activities and team events, trophies and any other information about the club that has been kept over the years, often stored in peoples basements. We have set an arbitrary date of the year 2000 as the cut-off for relevant contents. We would be please to discuss and review your materials and provide assistance to digitize any contents. Please contact us if you would like to participate.

The following clubs have made contributions to this project:

Cascades Club

The Cascades Club, a not-for-profit community organization located on chemin de la Rivière in Chelsea, Quebec, was first established as a social and athletic club in 1920. The original clubhouse was located in the lost village of Cascades, which was flooded when the Gatineau River was dammed in 1927. The Cascades Club was then relocated to its current location and a new clubhouse was built in the 1930s.

Gatineau River Yacht Club

The Gatineau River Yacht Club (GRYC) was started in 1962 when five local sailing enthusiasts formed a sailing club at Gleneagle on the Gatineau River. In 1964, the Club acquired its island in the river and soon after the GRYC established a Junior Sailing Program which introduced many local youths to sailing. Races were always important events of the club including its annual regatta from which an extensive set of trophies have been amassed. Its iconic club house, built in 1978 and the lighthouse, are well-known landmarks on the Gatineau River.

Larrimac Golf & Tennis Club

The Larrimac Golf & Tennis Club had its early beginning in 1923, when Larry McCooey, who laid out a course in a pasture, with sheep keeping the grass cut. Many improvements were made over the following years and in 1926 the first golf tournament was held. In the 1930s, the club became incorporated and bought the land it had been renting. From the late 1930s to the early 1950's, the club also held regattas and water-based activities on the Gatineau River. The current club house, built in 1950, was designed to hold social functions and activities.