Selwyn Court Case

In 1925, the Gatineau Power Company expropriated farms, houses and cottages along both sides of the Gatineau River for its massive hydro-electric project. Many took the sums offered by its land agent, but a few disagreed with the amounts being offered and took the company to court. One such individual was Harley Selwyn of Kirk's Ferry, a civil servant and commercial beekeeper. This is the scanned 200-page document of the court proceedings. It is divided into the following sections:


Part 1: Cover Page, Index, and the Action (pdf 8.1 MB)
Part II: The Exhibits (pdf 15.8 MB)
Part IIIa: The Evidence (pdf 24.2 MB)
Part IIIb. The Witnesses (pdf 36.2 MB)
Part IV: The Judgment and the Appeal (pdf 6.4 MB)