Gatineau River Heritage Paddle: A Guide - Second Edition

Editor's Notes

We hope this guide will enhance the experience of boaters on the river by identifying present and past landmarks, and increase general awareness of our river's rich heritage - both historical and environmental.

The creation of this second edition of the Gatineau River Heritage Paddle Guide has been a collaborative effort between three Gatineau Valley groups, the Gatineau Valley Historical Society (GVHS), the Friends of the Gatineau River (FOG) and a new historical group on the scene, Cantley 1889.

The first edition was produced for participants of FOG's 2010 Heritage Paddle down the Gatineau River, a celebration organized annually and timed to coincide with Canadian Rivers Day, the second Sunday in June.

This updated edition has been expanded to include more points of interest on the east shore of the Gatineau River and extended south along the west shore. The guide now covers some 18 kilometres of the river, from Wakefield to the Chelsea Dam.

The development of the Gatineau River Heritage Paddle Guide would not have been possible without the participation of many individuals, who contributed in a variety of ways, from recalling anecdotes of river life to providing historic or current day photos. Thanks to each of you.

Louise Schwartz

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