The Gatineau Valley Historical Society promotes matters of historical or heritage significance in the general area of the Gatineau Valley in west Quebec.

Pat Evans Archives
located in the lower level of Chelsea Library will be open from Monday January 11, 2016 up to and including Wednesday June 15, 2016. It will close for the summer period and will reopen on Monday September 12, 2016 - see hours and location.

GVHS President Marc Cockburn awarded the J.D. Coulson Award for Outstanding Achievement
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Coming Events

Annual General Meeting
"Canada’s War Art - Is It All Propaganda?"

Monday February 15 at the Chelsea Library
100 Old Chelsea Road, Old Chelsea, QC

Note Times: Refreshments at 7 pm, AGM at 7:30 and talk starts 8 pm.

Laura Brandon
Our special guest speaker is author, researcher and historian, Dr. Laura Brandon, who was the Curator of War Art at the Canadian War Museum from 1992 to 2015.
Her presentation will explore the War Museum’s Great War art – as created by official war artists as well as those who served with the Canadian Expeditionary Force and drew for private viewing by family and comrades. Dr. Brandon will address the question of whether any war art produced during the war years can escape entirely the label of propaganda.

This is the official notice that the Annual General Meeting will start at 7:30 pm, with elections to be held and our annual reports distributed. Members are invited to read the Comparison Table that compares the existing document with the proposed Constitution and By-Laws in order to be aware of the proposed amendments. All relevant documents are on this website.
Nominations for the Executive will be accepted until February 12, 2016 - contact info@gvhs.ca.

“The Discovery the Wreck of HMS Erebus" with Thierry Boyer
Monday March 14 - please note date change
Larrimac Golf and Tennis Club, 1148 Highway 105, Chelsea, QC
Note times: Refreshments and cash bar at 7:30 pm; talk starts at 8 pm.

Thierry Boyer
Join us for an evening of underwater discovery with Chelsea’s Thierry Boyer, one of the Parks Canada team of underwater archeologists who have been exploring the Franklin Expedition’s HMS Erebus in the northern waters of the Arctic and continuing to search for the HMS Terror. See more...

“A Bridge Through Time and Space" with Marc Cockburn
Monday April 18 at the Centre Wakefield La Peche,
38 Valley Drive, Wakefield, QC

Refreshments at 7:30 pm; talk at 8 pm.

Wakefield bridge
Society President Marc Cockburn will present a multi-media tour using Google Earth of images and maps relating to the construction of the original Gendron Covered Bridge in 1915.
He will highlight the bridge's impact on the transportation and social network surrounding the community of Wakefield and other villages up and down the Gatineau River. He will examine the history of other covered bridges and ferries along the lower Gatineau river and valley. The talk will also focus on the destruction of the the Gendron Bridge by fire in 1986, and the subsequent successful efforts to rebuild the new Wakefield Covered Bridge in 1996.

New Publications of Local Interest

Touring Historic Wakefield
Touring Historic Wakefield by Norma Geggie for $22. Contact publications@gvhs.ca for information or ordering.

The Last of the Wild Rivers
The Last of the Wild Rivers: The Past, Present, and Future of the Rivière du Moine Watershed by Wallace Schaber for $30 plus shipping (softcover 8.5"x 8.5", 248 pages with over sixty photos and maps).
This is the story of the Du Moine River Valley in Western Quebec, the last of the undammed Quebec tributaries flowing into the historic Ottawa River. As a guide and founding partner in Trailhead and Black Feather Wilderness Adventures, the author (and resident of Chelsea) has been taking clients down the Du Moine for nearly half a century. Over that time he gathered local stories and researched the history of the watershed.
The book is available directly from the author beginning December 15. He can be reached at dumoineriver@primus.ca.

Reflections of the Past
Low Municipality - Reflections of the Past by Don Kealey for $55.00. This is a historical account of the earliest days of Low's inception and how it progressed to an established municipality within the Gatineau.
The first printing has sold out; for details on a second printing, please access www.lowquebecbook.com.

See event archive for past events.

New to the GVHS

Wakefield Then and Now
See old and new sliding images of Wakefield landmarks.

A Century of the Gatineau Fish and Game Club
published in Up the Gatineau!
Volume 21
is now available online.

Up the Gatineau! Volume 41
Released in May 2015, this volume contains 10 articles focussing on the Cantley area of the Gatineau Valley. Available to order or pick up at several local retailers.

Up the Gatineau!
updated index for all 41 volumes - available online or to order.

GVHS Awards
See list of awards presented at Annual Dinner.

Helen Parson
wins the Arthur Davison Prize for best article in Volume 40, Up the Gatineau!.

Volunteer Award
Carol Martin was presented the Chelsea 2014 Volunteer Award for Arts, Culture & Heritage.

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