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This is a collection of media and images from the HSG archives that do not appear elsewhere on the site. Click on the images to enlarge. To return to this page after viewing the larger image, click on your browser’s back button.

Gatineau steam train
The Gatineau Steam Train steamin’ up the line.
Dr. Geggie delivering a baby
Dr. Geggie and helpers, making a local delivery....
Farm Point island restauraunt
The Farm Point Island Restaurant before the flooding of the river in 1926.
Man on a dogsled
Some people just could not justify the cost of owning a horse...
Blackburn creek
An aerial shot of Blackburn Creek on the left entering the Gatineau River.
Patterson family
A Patterson family portrait.
Patterson store
The Patterson General Store at 740 Riverside Road, Wakefield across the street from our Resort to Work project office.
Mercier Dam
A vertical aerial of the Mercier Dam.
Gendron bridge burning
The Gendron covered bridge burning in 1984. Click on the above image for a striking 800x600 desktop wallpaper.
Train passing Wakefield
Steam Engine 909 passing the old Wakefield Station c. 1998
Resort to Work‘s home
Former post office in Wakefield, now site of Resort to Work
Horse and buggy in Wakefield
A woman running an errand in Wakefield in her buggy
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