Up the Gatineau! Author Index

Index for volumes 1-46 (1974-2020)

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Allen, W (Bill), “Following Florence,” 42:65–78
Anderson, Wayne
   “The Choir That Fills the Hills With Music . and Cheese, 45:69–83
   “Gatineau Park in our Pocket,” 42:53–64
   “One Woman’s Fight to Preserve the History and Wilderness of Gatineau Park,” 44:27–37
Avison, Margaret, “Water and Worship: An Open-Air Service on the Gatineau River,” 40:32–33
Ballantyne, Bruce
   “Architecture of the Gatineau Valley Railway Stations,” 43:63–76
   “To the Cottage – 1896,” 3:8–9
   “Station Agent in the Gatineau,” 10:2–3
   “Stations of the Gatineau Valley Railway,” 24:41–44
“Up the Line – The Railway from Hull to Maniwaki,” 17:1–4
   “Where’s That Train?” 44:75–79
Barrow, Joan Brownrigg, “As Long as Love and Music Last,” 18:7–10
Barrow, Joan Brownrigg (ed.), “Notes on the Early Days of the Parish of Martindale,” 21:30–34
Benedict, Janet, “Town Site Farm,” 19:12–16
Benedict, Nancy, “The Leppard Blacksmith Shop at Old Chelsea,” 17:15–18
Benedict, Nancy and Janet
   “Simmons General Store – 1884-1926,” 18:11–20
   “Simmons Post Office 1896-1916,” 17:22–24
Benoit, Barbara, “Record of a Summer,” 5:2–6
Benoit, Paul, “The Gatineau Falls Farm,” 4:8–14
Berry, Paul S., “Trade and Other Tokens of the Gatineau Region,” 28:31–42
Bingham, Karen and Pauline Masson, “Samuel Bingham, ‘King of the Cascades,’” 46:11–18
Blanchard, R. J., “Low up to Kaz, and Back, by the ‘Front Road’ and ‘Back Road’“, 37:31–41
Bond, Courtney C. J., “Men in the Woods,” 46:19–23
Bourinot, Arthur S.
   “The Kingsmere Road,” 39:45 “Nicolas Gatineau,” 9:2
   “A Skier,” 39:46
Boyle, J. Edgar, “My Life and Times in the Bush,” 15:1–37
Broadbent, Brooke, “Laura Gamble: From Wakefield to the Great War,” 42:79–84
Brown, Jim
   “A Man Who Inspired Local Teens: An Amazing Sailor and Wartime Hero,” 30:6–10
   “Memories of Work Bees up the Gatineau,” 21:8–12 “A Reminiscence of Billy Connor and his Cantley “Castle,” 41:44–45
Buck, Ken, “Wolves at Meech Lake,” 38:37–45
Burant, Jim, “‘The picturesque hills and dales’: The Gatineau Through Artists’ Eyes,” 26:32–40
Carr, Christopher, “Pink House,” 19:16–23
Coleman, Margaret, “Memories of Meech Lake Summers,” 37:22–30
Connolly, John J., “Chelsea-Quebec,” 2:2–9
Cowden, Douglas, “Memories of My School Days in Cascades,” 33:11
Crawley, Michal Anne, “Lights! Camera! Action! – A Brief History of Crawley Films,” 35:26–34
Cross, Stan
“The Raising,” 21:6–8 “The Trapper,” 18:31–34
Curry, Frances
   “Chelsea Island and Gilmours’ Gatineau Mills,” 40:34–44
   “Chelsea Island” From Industrial Site to Recreational Paradise,” 42:1–12
“Chelsea’s Grove: Fit for a Prince,” 42:13–18 “Chelsea’s Mystery Poet,” 45:84–89
“Miles Barnes, Hermit, Redux,” 39:27–30 “West Hull’s First Secretary-Treasurer: Some Financial Irregularities,” 43:34–36
Curry, Frances and Catherine Joyce, “Summers in Tenaga: Big Enough for July, but Not for August,” 42:19–35
Dale, Ida W. (Currie), “Summers on Chelsea Island,” 14:20–24
Darou, Wes, “Cantley’s Iron Mine: A Moving Exploration,” 41:46–58
Davies, Andy, “My Gatineau Connection,” 8:20–25
Davis, Val
   “Emigrating to Canada in the 1950s,” 33:5–6 “Memorable Classroom Moments,” 33:9–10
   “My First Year Teaching School in Chelsea,” 33:6–8
Decker, Klaus G., “Remembrances 1945-1995,” 22:13–15
Dellandrea, Jon S.
   “Discovering Francis Fitz Roy Dixon,” 43:24–26 “Remarkable Lost Art of the Gatineau Valley: The Paintings of Francis Fitz Roy Dixon, (1856-1914),” 43:1–23
Dolgin, Josh, “About This Year’s Editor: P.M.O. Evans, a Biography,” 14:31
Douglas, Dr. H. T.
   “An Irishman in Canada: John Egan,” 10:14–15 “Philemon Wright’s Gun-shed,” 9:16–17
Doyle, Brian
   “Jack Made It,” 35:1–4
   “Speak Memory, of Madam,” 46:41–48 “Ye,” 45:13–16
Doyle, Danny, “Gaels of the Gatineau Valley,” 45:1–12
Duclos, Willa, “Duclos, Quebec, and the Duclos Family of Masham Township,” 34:27–34
Elliott, Bruce S.
   “Philemon Wright (1760-1839),” 26:1–3
   “The Pink and Moffatt Familes of Hull, 1822-1838,” 1:7–9
Evans, Patrick M. O.
   “Building the Town Hall at Old Chelsea – minute by minute,” 3:14–17
   “Early Kirk’s Ferry, Quebec,” 1:11–15 “Firearms Restrictions,” 2:12 “Footnote to History,” 8:25, 9:9
   “Meet You at Dean’s Bar at 4 O’clock Monday Morning,” 2:24
   “Philemon Wright Memorial,” 7:9–14 “A Rose by Any Other Name.,” 2:9 “Some Reminiscences of Charles Waters Chamberlin,” 11:24–25
   “Through the Hoopskirt Door,” 13:5–7    “Toponymy,” 14:1–4
   “The Village of Old Chelsea, circa 1900,” 43:27–33
Evans, Patrick M. O. and Carol Martin, “A Tale About a Name, Two Persons, and the Fur Trade,” 24:1–4
Fairbairn, Gordon Roy, “A Tale of Two Sisters,” 28:19–23
Farmer, Brig. G.R.D., “Farmer’s Rapids on the Gatineau River,” 6:8–12
Faulkner, Neil, “A Bridge for Our Times – Rebuilding the Wakefield Covered Bridge,” 23:37–51
Fleming, Anne, “The Fleming Family Enterprises of Chelsea,” 24:35–40
Fletcher, Katharine, “At Home Up the Mountain: Miles Barnes, “The Hermit,” 14:11–14
Forbes, Harry A., “An Airman’s Story,” 22:16–21
Forsey, Helen, “Forsey Family Idylls at Blue Sea Lake,” 44:65–74
Froimovitch, Carol (Polonsky) and Mark, “A Veterinarian Arrives in the Gatineau Hills,” 39:59–74
Geggie, Hans, “The Instant Commando, or Hot Sweet Tea,” 22:33–37
Geggie, Judith
   “The Development of a Community in Lower Canada, Wakefield,” 2:13–15
   “Maclaren’s General Store Circa 1900: A Sketch,” 14:15–19
Geggie, Norma
   “David Rouleau’s Flight Jacket,” 36:21–25
   “Hamilton Motors, 1923-2006,” 32:24–28    “I. B. York – A Man of Many Parts,” 8:2–4
   “Joseph Irwin and His Farm,” 26:24–27
   “New Beginnings in Wakefield,” 33:1–5
   “Reminiscences of Nursing at Gatineau Memorial Hospital: 1952 and 1953,” 18:35–38
   “Spinning and Weaving in Days Gone By,” 20:5–11
   “Thomas C. Bate and his Gold Note Farm,” 38:27–36
   “The Wakefield Women’s Institute, 1919-1961,” 21:24–29
   “Whither This Point of Land?” 16:19–21
Geggie, Norma and Stuart, “Regional Doctors,” 12:3–4
Geggie, Norma and Stuart eds.
   “Getting About,” 12:8–9
   “Popular Remedies,” 12:7–8
   “The Telephone,” 12:4–7
Geggie, Stuart
   “A Canadian Bride’s Dowry,” 16:22
   “The Farrellton Butter Factory,” 20:12–14
   “Memories of Life in Wakefield 60-70 Years Ago,” 17:10–14
German, Tony, “One Family’s War,” 22:22–26
Gessell, Paul and Joanne Lochhead, “Artist Kenneth Lochhead’s Gatineau Inspiration,” 46:67–83
Gessell, Paul and Joanne MacDonald, “Malak Karsh in the Gatineau Hills: From Tugboats to Tulips,” 41:59–67
Graham, John, “By Canoe and by Gosh: Memories of a Gatineau Canoe Trip,” 23:14–19
Graham, Shawn, “About a Barn – An Introduction to the Barns of Western Quebec,” 34:1–6
GVHS Archives, “Reflections of the Gatineau Valley: Through a Photographer’s Lens,” 45:52–68
Hale, Reginald B.
   “Brooks Hill,” 5:23–25
   “Caleb Brooks, Pioneer of Low,” 8:12–17
   “‘Flashed All Their Sabres Bare’“, 5:7–10
   “Footnote to History,” 6:18
Hale, Reginald B. and Grete, “Brooks Hill – Low, Québec, Canada – Built 1859,” 16:1–4
Hanson, Nora M., “The Fitzpatrick Family of North Wakefield,” 11:16–21
Henderson, George F.
   “Mackenzie King and the Stone Angels of Moorside,” 18:1–4
   “Mackenzie King the Farmer,” 20:15–21
   “Mackenzie King’s First Summer at Kingsmere,” 43:37–45
   “Mackenzie King’s First Visit to Kingsmere,” 19:8– 11
Henderson, Rick, “Gatineau: Paddling through the History of a River’s Name,” 46:1–10
Herron, Adrienne and RJ Hughes, “Baseball Heroes at the Cascades Club,” 46:59–66
Hodgson, Charles
   “The Colourful Past of Ski Lodges and Trails in Gatineau Park,” 39:31–43
   “Why a Gatineau Park Cabin is called Shilly Shally,” 44:22–26
Hogarth, Donald D.
   “Ancient Explosions and More Recent, Quieter Events in the Gatineau-Lièvre District,” 30:44–50
   “The Haycock Iron Mine,” 10:16–20
   “Stanislas Franchot and his Buckingham Mines,” 24:16–23
   “West Hull’s Phosphate Pits: Mines, Miners and Motives,” 25:31–43
Holmes, Mary, The William Connor Estate in Cantley,” 41:37–43
Holmes-Burke, Mary, “Wilson’s Corners Storekeepers and Some of Their Neighbours,” 24:29–34
Holt, Mrs. C. R. (Bertha Wilson)
   “To Cure a Sore Throat: First Kill a Bear,” 2:23–24
   “Great, Great Grandmother’s Day,” 3:6–7
      “The ‘King of the Gatineau’ & St. Alexander College,” 1:17–22
   “Ski-ing in Earlier Years,” 13:7–9
   “Up the Gatineau,” 1:4–5
Honegger, Hans and Warren Major, “The Gilmour House,” 19:24–30
Hope, Ethel Penman, “Early Settlement of Meech Lake,” 10:20–Back cover
Hudson, Gavin, “A Cottage at Cascades,” 37:9–15
Hughes, RJ
   “The Great Fire of 1870,” 32:9–15
   “Half a Century of Chelsea School,” 33:12–15
Hughes, RJ and Adrienne Herron, “Baseball Heroes at the Cascades Club,” 46:59–66
Jenkins, Phil, “Big Fat Crow,” 40:56–57
Johnston, Andrew M.
   “Arts and Letters at Kingsmere: The Jenkins- McCurry Families,” 39:1–20
   “Regal Heights, Kingsmere,” 39:21–26
Johnston, Gordon, “The Windago,” 3:9
Joyce, Catherine
   “Home to Beattie Point,” 42:36–38
   “No one knows Gatineau Valley history better than the editor of Up the Gatineau!43:v–vii
Joyce, Catherine and Frances Curry, “Summers in Tenaga: Big Enough for July, but Not for August,” 42:19–35
Joyce, Catherine (ed.), “Heat” by Archibald Lampman, 38:14–16
Karsh, Sidney, “Capturing Images of 1940s Shanty Life with Malak,” 46:28–40
Kealey, Don
   “The Martin Letters of Tucker Lake: Disease, Drought and Other Hardships,” 45:17–27
   “Martindale’s Roman Catholic Church and Cemeteries,” 45:28–39
Kennedy, Betty, “Some Gatineau Hills Memories,” 42:85–86
Laberge, Edouard P., “The Story of a Bridge,” 5:12–17
Lafleur, Laurent, “125th Anniversary of Ste. Cecile de Masham Parish,” 4:15
Lait, Michael, “A Lake with Two Names: The Harrington Lake (Lac Mousseau) Toponymy Controversy,” 42:39–52
Lambton, Gunda
   “The Barry Farm – A Pioneer Homestead,” 9:18–22
   “The Battle of Brennan’s Hill,” 7:20–25    “Discovering the Gatineau,” 19:1–7
   “Edward McSheffrey – Mayor of Low Township,” 11:21–23
   “Folklore in the Gatineau Valley,” 10:7–14
   “Harry Carruthers, Kazabazua Blacksmith,” 12:10–12
   “Irish Surnames of the Gatineau,” 13:13–20
   “Origins of the German Settlers in Schwartz and Ladysmith,” 14:5–10
   “The Paugan Dam,” 17:36–39
   “Teresa Meness of the Maniwaki Algonquins,” 16:23–26
   “Working for the CPR,” 17:5–9
Lampman, Archibald, “Heat,” 38:14–16
Leamen, Paull, “Kingsmere Connections: Elizabeth Smart 1913–1986,” 44:58–64
Leamen, Paull (ed.)
   “Chelsea Poems,” 39:44–46
   “Gatineau River centuries,” 45:49–51
   “A Loggers’ Lament,” 46:24–27
   “Water and Worship: An Open-Air Service on the Gatineau River” by Margaret Avison, 40:32–33
   “W.L.M.K.,” 43:46–49
Leamen, Paull (ed.) and Sara and Mary Lochhead, “Douglas Lochhead Painted with Words,” 46:84–88
Lecours, Jacques, “The Great Hydro-Electric Works on the Gatineau River: Some Views from Contemporary Engineering Journals,” 21:35–44
Lee, David, “Logging and Lumbering on the Gatineau River,” 34:35–44
Lee, Horace R., “From Chelsea to Edmonton and Back in ‘Lizzie,’ a 1915 Model T Ford,” 29:1–5
Levy, Gary, “The Ottawa and Gatineau Valley Railway 1871-1901,” 6:2–7
Lister, Bruce, “Landslides in the Lower Gatineau,” 29:34–44
Lochhead, Joanne and Paul Gessell, “Artist Kenneth Lochhead’s Gatineau Inspiration,” 46:67–83
Lochhead, Sara and Mary and Paull Leamen (ed.), “Douglas Lochhead Painted with Words,” 46:84–88
MacDonald, Joanne
   “Gatineau Labyrinth: The Laflêche Cave,” 14:25–30    “Summer Bridges: Early Ferries on the Gatineau,” 6:19–24
MacDonald, Joanne and Paul Gessell, “Malak Karsh in the Gatineau Hills: From Tugboats to Tulips,” 41:59–67
MacTaggart, John, “Vale of Gattineau,” 3:7–8
Mahoney, Eric, “Footnote to History,” 12:12
Mahoney, Ernie
   “A Bridge A-Building,” 23:1–8
   “The Changing Face of the Wakefield Inn, 1860s to 1984,” 18:27–30
   “Colonel D. E. Macintyre (1885-1974),” 21:1–5
   “Operation Clean Bottom: Muscle and $40,000 Clean the Gatineau River in 1977,” 25:27–31
   “Pat Evans: A Tribute,” 26:5–7
   “Remembering R.A.J. (Bob) Phillips,” 30:1–5
   “Stan Healey’s Recollections,” 30:26–30
   “Sully’s Mill, the Backbone of Wakefield Village,” 24:13–15
   “Summer Hotels of the Gatineau,” 25:5–9
   “There’s a Tavern in the Town,” 26:17–19
   “Wartime in the Gatineau,” 22:1–5
   “You Never Told Who Your Bootlegger Was,” 27:21–23
Major, Warren and Hans Honegger, “The Gilmour House,” 19:24–30
Mantell, Kitty and Nikki, “The Low Down to Hull and Back News: If You Got the Pun, You Got the Paper,” 39:47–58
Marcotte, Maureen, “Moulding a Life in Clay,” 42:87– 101
Marshall, Duncan
   “Early Aerial Photography of the Gatineau River Valley,” 27:33–40
   “A Gem in the Gatineau Valley,” 30:17–23
   “Gliding Over the Eardley Escarpment and Hollow Glen,” 34:7–13
   “King Mountain: The Geographical Centre of Canada,” 36:9–15
Martin, Carol
   “An Artistic Anniversary,” 35:19–25
   “Aunt Maud’s Postcard Album,” 31:1–7
   “Avion Fur Farm,” 29:17–21
   “The Brown’s Farm,” 20:22–29
   “The Cascades Club,” 27:1–6
   “Chelsea’s Wartime Wireless Transmission Station,” 28:9–12
   “Dear (School) Diary, Cantley,” 33:22–24
   “Dorothy’s Diaries: Changes to Kirk’s Ferry in 1926 and 1927,” 40:45–55
   “Dreams of Land (and Nightmares for Some) in Hull Township,” 36:1–8
   “A Few ‘Minutes’ in Celebration of Chelsea’s 125th Anniversary: Municipal Government in Chelsea’s Early Years,” 26:10–16
   “Fifty Years of Firefighting in Chelsea,” 32:4–8
“John Rodolphus Booth: A Man for His Time,” 23:28–36
   “Kirk’s Ferry Union Mission Church and Other Shared Protestant Churches in Chelsea,” 25:21–26
   “Low Then and Now – A Salute to 150 Years,” 35:5–8
   “Messages from Two Autograph Books,” 16:11–14
   “A Most Useful and Extensive Organization,” 17:25–35
   “Private Richard Rowland Thompson’s ‘Chelsea Connection’: Bertha Alexander and the Alexanders of Chelsea,” 28:13–18
   “School Days in Chelsea in the Olden Days,” 33:16– 21
   “The Store at Kirk’s Ferry,” 18:21–26
   “A Student a Century Ago Writes of Country Life and the Wider World: Ada Brown’s 1888 Notebook,” 16:5–10
   “Three Centuries of the Fur Trade, Passing By the Gatineau Region,” 24:4–10
   “Wine and Women in Chelsea,” 32:29–32
   “Words by Walter Cross, Music by Leo Friedman,” 31:41–44
Martin, Carol and Allan Richens, “We Remember: From Lignières-de-Touraine, France, to Chelsea, Quebec, Canada,” 36:26–31
Martin, Carol and Archie M. Pennie, “A Century of the Gatineau Fish and Game Club,” 21:16–24
Martin, Carol and Patrick M. O. Evans, “A Tale About a Name, Two Persons, and the Fur Trade,” 24:1–4
Martin, Carol (ed.), “James Martin’s Letters - His Work in Low and Maniwaki,” 20:30–40
Martin, James, “Confederation and the Elections of 1867,” 18:5–6
Masson, Pauline and Karen Bingham, “Samuel Bingham, ‘King of the Cascades,’” 46:11–18
Maxwell, Grant, “Tax Showdown up the Gatineau,” 23:9–13
McClelland, Bob, “How Philemon Wright High School Teachers and Students Met the Challenge of 1968,” 44:46–57
McClelland, Hubert, “Uncle Jack’s Electrical Powerhouse on Blackburn Creek,” 41:30–36
McClelland, Sue and Bob, “Farmers’ Notebook: McClelland Farm 1840,” 41:79–94
McCloskey, K. Blake
   “Boyhood Days,” 12:Back cover
   “The Old Grey Horse and Sleigh,” 11:Back cover
   “The Old Iron Kettle,” 10:Back cover McConnell, William Felton, “Snowbound on the Maniwaki Subdivision,” 32:16–18
McDiarmid, Janet, “Poltimore: A View From the Outside,” 27:27–32
McGarry, Lyla and Lillian Walton, “Did You Know That.,” 5:Back cover
McGee, Bill, “Epilogue to the Miles Barnes Story: The Lost Apple Orchard,” 43:77–83
McSheffrey, Bernice, “Footnote to History,” 6:7–8
Meech, Marion A., “Asa Meech,” 7:14–19
Milks, James, “Harky and His Garage,” 45:90–102
Milks, Reta, “The Milks Diaries,” 41:22–29
Moore, Donald Charles, “My Knowledge of Fires in West Hull,” 32:1–3
Morisset, David, “Footnote to History,” 12:10
Mount, Graeme S., “Richard Rowland Thompson, 1877-1908,” 16:15–18
Mulrooney, Peter, “Cottage Life up the Vallley in the 1940s - Venosta or Bust,” 37:16–21
Mulvihill, Richard
   “Footnote to History,” 7:7    “Stone for St. Stephen’s,” 2:15
Murray, Jean-Paul, “Roderick Percy Sparks: Gatineau Park’s Forgotten Founder,” 30:11–16
O’Hanlon, Alfred
   “Dr. Geggie’s Wild Winter Ride,” 7:7–8
   “An Irish Wake,” 8:5–8
   “The Two Dieppes,” 12:13–14
Palmer, Liz, “Gatineau Gourmets,” 31:15–21
Panet, A. deL.
   “Early Transportation in the Gatineau Valley and Connecting Factors,” 13:9–13
   “Kingsmere,” 11:10–16
   “Larrimac Golf Club - A Gatineau Gem,” 9:22–Back cover
Parson, Helen E.
   “Footnote to History,” 9:10
   “Land Use History of the Gatineau Valley 1800- 1850,” 9:5–9
   “Pine to Pulp: The Timber Trade on the Gatineau River,” 3:2–5
   “Six Days on the Road: An 1886 Business Trip to Maniwaki,” 40:18–31
Pearson, Landon
   “‘Go Ask Mary’: Mary E. Macdonald 1918–2006,” 44:91–101
   “Pearsons up the Gatineau,” 38:1–13
Pennie, Archie M.
   “Acetylene Comes to the Upper Gatineau,” 31:22–25
   “Derailment of the ‘Gatineau Limited’“, 29:30–33
   “The Gatineau Highway,” 25:1–4
   “The Gatineau Lakes Water Supply Project,” 19:43– 48
   “The Gatineau Tank Mystery,” 23:19–22
   “Hollywood: The Gatineau Connection,” 23:22–27
   “Kazabazua and the Atom Bomb,” 30:31–34
   “The Kazabazua Bridge and Bender’s Grist Mill,” 27:24–27
   “Movers and Shakers Visit Thirty-One Mile Lake,” 31:26–29
   “Northfield United Church and Its Cemetery,” 26:28–31
   “Old Mills at Aumond and Point Comfort,” 30:35– 40
   “Outaouais Phosphorus Production: From Matches to Fireworks and Detergents,” 24:24–28
   “The Paugan Falls Canoe Works,” 29:27–29
   “Some Sketches of Kazabazua,” 28:24–27
   “Some Thoughts on VE Day Plus Fifty,” 22:10–12
   “Squaring the Log,” 20:41–43
   “When the Axe Was King,” 24:11–13
   “Why Cover the Bridge?” 20:1–4
   “Wild West Days at the ‘Kaz,’” 28:28–30
Pennie, Archie M. and Carol Martin, “A Century of the Gatineau Fish and Game Club,” 21:16–24
Pennie, Archie M. and Larry Dufour, “The Collins Sawmill at Kirk’s Ferry, and Later at Chelsea, Kingsmere and Gatineau,” 36:16–20
Phillips, Margaret
   “E. Champagne: The life and times of Cantley’s tugboat,” 41:1–17
   “Pilgrims to the Gatineau - the Phillips Property: Memories of its Early Days,” 40:58–76
Phillips, R.A.J. “Bob”
   “King of the Gatineau,” 11:2–10
   “My Little War,” 22:38–44
   “Remembering the Life of Patrick M. O. Evans,” 26:7–9
Potter, Barbara, “Footnote to History,” 7:25
Pritchard, Gerald Ian, “Dr. Geggie and Me,” 43:50–62
Quince, Cliff, “Life Below Decks,” 22:27–32
Quince, Wendy Ellen, “The Telephone Industry in Wakefield and Surrounding Areas,” 3:19–22
Quipp, Heather
   “Brigham-Chamberlin House - Old Chelsea, Que.,” 4:23–24
   “The Old Mountain Lodge at Kingsmere,” 29:22–26
Ravenscroft, Helen Ditchfield, “Two Bees in Meech Creek Valley,” 21:13–15
Reford, Michael, “The Hetherington Farm,” 19:31–35
Reid, Bertha, “Some Spring News - 1888,” 17:19–21
Reid, Norma Hall, “Footnote to History,” 8:5
Richens, Allan
   “Beamish Hill and Beyond,” 34:14–18
   “The Chelsea Cenotaph Story,” 28:1–8
   “The Early Years of the Gatineau River Yacht Club,” 27:14–18
   “The Healeys of Harrington Lake,” 30:24–26
   “The Kennedy Road in the 1930s and 1940s,” 31:8– 15
   “Remembering Wartime: Alice Lee Hudson and Bertha Herd Larcher,” 29:6–10
   “Some Memories of Skiing Up the Gatineau,” 26:20–23
Richens, Allan and Carol Martin, “We Remember: From Lignières-de-Touraine, France, to Chelsea, Quebec, Canada,” 36:26–31
Roberts, Mrs. Marion, “Carbide Willson - 1860-1915,” 2:16–22
Rutledge, Anita
   “Bill Bridgeman, Miller of Wakefield Village,” 35:9–14
   “A Lake and a Road, and Names to Remember,” 32:19–23
   “‘Les Suisses’ of Duclos - In Memoriam,” 33:25–42
   “Milestones in 170 Years at the Wakefield Mill,” 35:15–18
   “Remembering the Farms of Wakefield,” 44:80–90
Rutledge, Elizabeth Stevenson, “The Old Homestead,” 19:36–42
Ryan, Ed, “Chelsea Reflections,” 27:18–20
Ryan, Mrs. E. J. (Isobel)
   “Did You Know That.,” 5:23
   “Dunn’s Hotel,” 1:10
   “A Man of Virtue and Talent,” 6:8
Sabean, Hannen, “A History of Dying in the Gatineau Valley,” 45:40–48
Schwartz, Ann, “Seventy-Five Years Young: The Larrimac Golf Club Ages Gracefully,” 25:13–18
Schwartz, Louise
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