A Tour of Cantley's Famous Sculpted Rocks

St Andrews Road, Cantley, Quebec - April 27, 2019

Many thanks to Cantley 1889 President Margaret Phillips for organizing this guided tour of the "Sculpted Rocks" at the Cantley Quarry on Saturday Apr 27, 2019. Geologist Dr. David Sharpe and local historian Mr. Hubert McClelland provided a wonderful overview of both the ancient glacial and the recent economic forces that have shaped and uncovered this historic site. Over 70 people had an opportunity to wander through the pits to enjoy the science, heritage, and aesthetics of this unique place, and to consider its future and preservation in the Anthropocene age. Check the video “Cantley, Québec - Monument of the Ice Age”. youtu.be/wYp8noIc_Uk.

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