Want to read more about the Meech Creek Valley?

The following publications are available from the GVHS (To order, please contact

Up the Gatineau!, the Society’s annual history journal, contains the following articles:

Volume 4 “Isaac Cross and His Family” - Lillian Walton
Volume 8 “Brookdale Farm /Morningside Homes Inc” - Jessie Waterston
Volume 18 “The Trapper” - Stan Cross
Volume 21 “The Raising” - Stan Cross “Two Bees in Meech Creek Valley” - Helen Ditchfield Ravenscroft
Volume 29 “Avion Fur Farm” - Carol Martin
Volume 30 The Healeys of Harrington Lake “Peggy Healey Remembers Life on the Homestead” - Allan Richens “Stan Healey’s Reflections” - Ernie Mahoney
Volume 31 “Meech Creek Valley Girl” - Preston Wilson “Words by Walter Cross, Music by Leo Friedman” - Carol Martin
Volume 32 “Public School Pastimes: Toys and Games” - Preston Wilson “Memories of School Days in Cascades” - Douglas Cowden
Volume 35 Rhymes for Their Times: The Cross Family’s Love of Verse” - Trudy Cross Stephen
Volume 39 “A Veterinarian Arrives in the Gatineau Hills” - Carol Polonsky Froimovitch with Mark Froimovitch

In Memory of Chelsea’s Historic Cemeteries - Carol Martin
- information about the Baldwin Cemetery and other cemeteries in the Chelsea area.