Echoes from the Past

Articles on the history of the Gatineau from the Patrick Evans column "Echoes from the Past", originally printed in the "The Low Down to Hull and Back News" - reprinted with permission - and subsequently compiled by Jay Atherton and published in book form by the Gatineau Valley Historical Society (under its former name the Historical Society of the Gatineau) at Chelsea, Quebec, 1998.

These articles first appeared in "The Low Down to Hull and Back News". Reprinted with permission.

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Philip Leppard's Blacksmith Shop at Old Chelsea, Quebec
Wakefield's First Doctor
The Store and Post Office at Simmons
Meech Lake
Lake Mousseau (Harrington, or Hetherington)
Kirk and his Ferry
Dome Hill
The Enterprising William Fairbairn
Samuel Benedict 1744-1820
Robert Newton Sully (let not his name be sullied)
Let There be Light, and it was so
Samuel Bingham, river driver
Jeff's Lake .... Which Became Kingsmere
Tenaga *
Get to the Point
Faith Mission
Soldier Settlement in Meech Creek Valley
The Diary of a Farmer
A Lucky Fluke
The Diary of a Farmer (continued)
Service in the Revolutionary War
Who? What? When? Where? Why?
Who? What? etc!
Early Settlement
Philemom Wright Continues his Account of the First Settlement of Hull Township
Early Settlement (continued from part 2)
Captain Philemon Wright
More on Philemon Wright and Associates
Would You Believe?
What Happened to the Working Stiffs?
Review of Wright Papers
Wright Documents - continued
More Treasure
Alonzo Wright, M.P.
Death of Alonzo Wright, M.P.
Not Always as They Seem
The Chamberlins' Big & Little Houses
Kingsway Golf Club - original settler home
It's an Ill Wind
The Pritchard Homestead, Alcove
A Conundrum
Oldest House in Old Chelsea
Cottage at Meech Lake
Hanratty-Reynolds House
Store Hotel Store
Recycle Recycle Recycle
More Recycling
Recycling in the Newer Chelsea
Recycling Along Highway 105
Recycling in Wakefield
Cycling Again at Wakefield (well! isn't "cycling again" - "recycling"?)
Recycling - this is the Hull of it
Early Schools
Union Mission Church at Kirk's Ferry
The Church of England Chelsea
St. Mary Magdalene Church of England in Chelsea (continued)
St. Stephen's Church, Old Chelsea
Ye Olde Burial Ground at Olde Chelsea
St. Andrew's Presbyterian / United Church - Cantley
St. Andrews of Cantley Revisted - Part 2
To the Editor of the Christian Guardian - Ottawa District - Church Opening
North Wakefield Mission (continued)
Excerpts from Annual Reports of the Missionary Society of the Wesleyan Methodist Church
Excerpts from Annual Reports of the Missionary Society of the Wesleyan Methodist Church (continued)
Municipality of South Hull
Municipal Secretary-Treasurer
West Hull Council
Building the Town Hall at Old Chelsea - Minute by Minute
Much Ado
All About Bridges
One for the Road
Trading & Dealing By-Law
And that's the Law!
Road Obstruction
Taking Stock
Genesis of a Book
Bear Turned the Tables on Hunter
Wolf Pack Climbed Ladder to Attack
Kills Three with 'Sticks and Stones'
Lake Leamy
Boys will be Boys on Hallowe'en
His Hair Rope
The Boy who Shouted Wolf
From the Depths
Tall Tales
"Old Joe" was a Great Trapper
Pay the Toll, Turn the Pike
No Bars Open Sat. Night in W. Hull
The General Store 150 Years Ago
It's Time to Pursue Trivia
I've got Sixpence
To the World Scout Jamboree 1955
To the World Scout Jamboree 1955 (part two)
To the World Scout Jamboree 1955 (part three)
Do you Know?
Treasure Trove
Time for Another Quiz
The Pointer Boat
Canoeists with Connections to the Gatineau
Stepping Stones
Centennial Year at G.R.Y.C.
Tin Types
I'll Tan your Hide for You
Early Medical Help