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The following article first appeared in "The Low Down to Hull and Back News" in the August 31, 2011 issue. Reprinted with permission.

Annual Gatineau Valley auction nets historical society $5K

by Trevor Greenway

It's not the blockbuster you might see on The Antique Road Show, but an old set of chinaware was tops at this year's Gatineau Valley Historical Society (GVHS) auction.

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GVHS volunteers show off a set of wood working tools to the packed crowd at the GVHS auction Aug. 20. Trevor Greenway photo.

The setting fetched $190 at the 48th edition of the annual event in Chelsea, and although there were no three-figure bidding wars at the St. Stephen's Church grounds, the organization still netted about $5,000.

"There is nothing that went for $500 or anything, but it went very well," said organizer Carol Martin.

"The weather was great, sunny and warm. The showers forecast for the afternoon did not arrive until 2:00 o'clock - perfect."

With 139 bidders registered, it was all just a matter of time before the $50-$100 items began adding up.

From the antique rocking chairs that went between $50-$125 and the set of antique landscape paintings that sold for $150, bidders weren't shy about opening up their wallets.

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GVHS volunteer Louise Schwartz shows off some goods at the GVHS auction Aug. 20.
Trevor Greenway photo.

A grandmother clock, slightly shorter that a grandfather clock, went for $100, while a small horse and cart toy fetched $7.

Martin was happy that some older items will find a new home and a new use, things like the wooden chest and the antique blanket box. "That is what makes old things worth saving, if someone can find a new use for them," she said.

There were also outdoor items on the auction block for the first time, including a canoe that went for about $100 and a 100-year-old gun case.

Those not lured into bidding sipped coffee and ate muffins in the morning, while children sifted through the toy box and flea market treasures.