The Gatineau Park Chronicles

From The Gatineau Park Chronicle Fall 2009 issue.


The National Capital Commission (NCC), in collaboration with the Friends of Gatineau Park, presents the second issue of The Gatineau Park Chronicle, a periodical aimed at increasing awareness of the park's history and cultural heritage. The first issue, published in 2007, focused on the circumstances surrounding the creation of Gatineau Park. In this issue, the authors paint a picture of the park's industrial past.

For centuries, the Gatineau Hills were part of the Algonquin lands, and these people drew from the land what they needed to survive. During the French regime,the region's fur-bearing animals were the focus for trappers, coureurs de bois and merchants. The 19th century saw the area open up to colonization, and the population grew rapidly. The region was explored, drilled and exploited for the riches it contained, and entrepreneurs made use of its forests, water power and even its underground resources.

In bygone days, Gatineau Park was part of the scene of Canada's industrial revolution. Today, it has become the Capital's conservation park.

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